This year’s lipstick trends

2017 is all about experimenting with lipsticks!  If last year the trend was to have matte lips, this year , things have changed. 90’s girls, I have some good news for you: glossy lips are back! Well…with a twist. This year, a simple lip color won’t just do the trick. It is all about layering, mixing and matching lipstick, lipgloss and also glitter. It’s the perfect time to go wild.

Glittery lips are in! Since we can see them on the runway , we definitely know they are a thing now. In the picture below there is model rocking her glitter lips, during a Fendi fashion show. She is going for a bold glittery lip look that compliments her simple cat eye.


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In the picture that we can see below, there is a model from a DKNY, rocking a more vampy bold lip. Here all the focus is on the lips and the touch of glitter adds a little bit of light to that black lip.

So, I guess it is time to take out ‘fairy dust’ and put it on your lips. Glittery lips are the new it trend. If you do not want to go all out as in the first picture, then try something more subtle, like a touch of glitter.

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Another look for your lips that is trending is the holographic lip. This futuristic lip style is simply magical. It gives your lips a whole new dimension, and they truly end up looking like a piece of art.  You can achieve this look either by layering different lipsticks and lipglosses or if you simply do not feel creative, then you can simply buy a holographic lipgloss.


What are you waiting for? Start mixing and matching your lipsticks, lipglosses, add glitter, add a top layer, bottom layer, anything to make your lips pop. Remember, your lips are your canvas. Be creative, take risks and experiment with color!