Bad timing or trend in the industry of luxury? Many designers seem to be ‘unemployed’?!

Even though it was widely rumored, the sudden leaving Ricard Tisci from Givenchy really shocked the fashion scene. Tisci joined a growing group of renowned designers with the status of ‘unemployed’ – is he really done with all of it?! Many of these designers have spent their months waiting for a new engagement. The most popular are Alber Elbaz, Hedi Slimane, Peter Dundas, Francisco Costa and Peter Copping – many of these designers would certainly be happy to replace the Italian.


Tisci’s dominance

However, Tisci’s presence at Givenchy will be v hard  to replace. In the past twelve years the designer has changed the image of the house quite a bit.  It used to be known for the classic finesse inspired by Audrey Hepburn, but now it is a lot different. The new creative director for Givenchy will have to balance the burden of extensive archives and history of the house, but also the application for commercial success, as Tisco made that go incredibly well. We are hundo p sure that the decision on the new creative director of the Parisian studio will be challenging and risky in many ways.

Many of the potential candidates for Givenchy are expected to move back in the direction of its founder, returning his former image of classic ladies, but the question is how would the audience react to this knowing many are used to Tisci’s youthful approach?


Candidates for the Givenchy?

Alber Elbaz would creatively had a lot to offer, but would have lost a part of the current Tisci’s audience. His muses are elegant women, not young rebel in search of couture street fashion. Peter Dundas would be having an easy job, but he has no experience with high fashion. Clare Waight Keller had just left Chloé in order to be with her family in London and return to Paris, even for Givenchy, for her that is not an option at all. There is also Francisco Costa who left the Calvin Klein a year ago and could be a new ‘hope’ for Givenchy. Perhaps, Hedi Slimane who definitely has the potential to deal with Tisci’s legacy, but is demanding in terms of contractual rights and would probably have moved in the studio Los Angeles.

Will one of them take Givenchy? Huh, maybe.

Many fashion houses are turning  towards the young talents from their own design teams – it is sus that the giants of the fashion bureau could remain unemployed for a while. But guess what?! There is always a possibility of course! Designer departures and shifts are extremely often these years so there might be enough work for everyone, at least for those who know how to adapt to the new fashion ideas.