From Walking on the Moon to Walking Down the Runway

As most of you know, New York, one of the most famous fashion districts in the world is currently the location for Fashion Week. Probably one of the most raved about moments from New York´s Fashion Week for Men was Nick Graham´s fashion show entitled: “Life on Mars: Fall-Winter 2035”. What was so special about it? Well…Let´s just say that it was out of this planet.

For a space themed fashion show, in this harshly competitive fashion world, there needed to be something different, something that made a buzz. Who better to walk on the runway, than a man who had been in outer space? While astronaut Buzz Aldrin might have been the second person to walk on the surface of the moon in 1969, after Neil Armstrong, but he was the first astronaut to walk on the catwalk, and not just any catwalk, but during New York’s Fashion Week.

Imagini pentru new york fashion week buzz

Wearing a silver jacket inspired by astronauts’ costumes over a black T-shirt with the message ´Get your ass to Mars´, some black pants and silver tennis shoes, the 87- year-old astronaut closed the show in style. He used a ´forward´ version of Michael Jackson´s famous move: the moonwalk and let´s just say that he made everybody’s jaw drop. He nailed it!

So…for those of you who might think that fashion and runways are only for young people or for fashionistas, well…you are wrong! Buzz Aldrin managed to defy both these stereotypes while walking down the runway, last week, during New York´s Fashion Week for Men. If you are a science enthusiast, then you might just give a look at fashion shows. Who knows? Maybe during the next one, your favorite scientist might show up. If not, then just give it a go for the entertainment and you might get inspired to amp up your look a bit.