Top 5 Makeup Trends To Look Out For in 2017

Are you still basking in the glory of the establishment of matte lipsticks and thanking God for bringing such a classy trend in your lives?

Well, I am.
But here is some news. It is officially time to put matte lipsticks back in your neat (or cluttered, as you like it) vanity cases and say goodbye to them, at least for the time being. Yes, that’s right.
Matte lipsticks are out this season.

But wait, all hell has not broken loose yet.

Let’s take a look at what the other trends are in makeup this season for 2017 and see if we have a little breathing space. Well, I’m sure we do.

Here are the top 5 makeup trends for Spring-Summer 2017:

  1. Glossy lips are back with a bang – While we’re on the subject of lipsticks, guess who’s back into business. Glossy lips it is. It is time to shop for those extra shiny and moisture inducing lip glosses and make your pout game stronger than Angelina’s herself. So, we have two words for matte lips – “Bye Felicia!”


  2. Brows? Straight and how. – Feminine arched brows are gone with the wind. This season it is all about straight boyish brows. And believe it or not, straight brows are not that bad. Last seen on the fashion capital runways, they do carry their share of class and finesse. Well, Kendall Jenner can’t be wrong, can she?

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  3. Monochromatic is in for the long haul – Throughout 2016, we saw monochromatic makeup looks rule the fashion world. And without a doubt, we will be seeing them just as much, this year too, only in better ways. People have seemingly gotten over the fear of being a “little too out there”. Everyone is totally in for experiments these days and it has definitely taken makeup to another level, FR.


  4. Pink is still pretty – This is where we get to take a breather. Pink is becoming the new “neutral” according to renowned experts in makeup. And you know what that means? It goes with every skin tone and anyone can pull it off easily on any part of the face. Be it the eyes, or the lips or the cheeks, pink can be worn in sheer or opaque shades according to your preference. It is a lovely feminine and fresh colour that can bring some dimension to a bare face.


  5. Minimalistic on the face – So we are done with strobing, baking and contouring to achieve knife-like jaw lines. This year, we are going to take a walk down memory lane and bring back healthy, fresh and radiant skin. I guess even our skin gets to breathe this year. Experts recommend pairing fresh, glowy and natural looking skin with bold lips or eyes.


For those of you, who have already started planning your makeup kits, be sure to keep these in mind.

Which one is your favourite among these five? Let us know.