Blush bomb: A new make-up trend

2017 make-up trends for Spring and Summer are TD! They are colorful and make you stand out from the crowd. From glittery lips, to glossy eyelids, this year is all about making a statement.

If you do not like the trends for eyes and lips, then let´s talk about blushes! By adopting the ´blush bomb´ trend, you will definitely get noticed and if there ever were  a perfect phrase to describe the blush trend of this year it would simply sound something like: Don’t hold back! In this case, more is actually better.

Imagini pentru kenzo spring summer makeupSource:

This trend was spotted at Kenzo´s runway show. Make-up artist Linsey Alexander applied big amounts of blush on the high points of the models´ cheeks, going on with the color on the models´ temples and giving it a sense of continuity. The blush also goes on under the brow bones, making it look like a part of the eye shadow look.

The trend is not just for the catwalk, as celebrities have also adopted it! Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart has also been spotted rocking this look. She adopted a more subtle version of the trend than the one in the fashion show, making it look more wearable.


From the runway to movie stars, the blush bomb trend is slowly becoming viral. It is time to take out your make-up brushes and experiment. Go crazy with the blush, do try this at home. And if you fail, then try again. The results might even surprise you. By adding a bit more blush then you usually do, sooner than you know it, you will end up rocking this blush bomb trend and who knows? Maybe it will even look better on you then on the runway or the red carpet.


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