How often should you exercise in order to stay fit and healthy?!

There is absolutely no need for you to get exhausted every day in the gym to keep yourself fit and healthy. A new study conducted by the researchers from the University of Sydney shows that exercise is enough only twice a week. Can you believe this?! Reduced risk of cardio diseases, cancer and all other modern diseases caused by sedentary – all this can be avoided by going to the gym only two times a week!


Australian researchers conducted a study on 63 591 Weekend Warrior – so, in fact, called the people who are engaged in the exercises twice a week and on to spend 75 minutes in the case of intensive training, or 150 minutes if the recreational sports are in question. Analysis data indicate that the risks of diseases, in this case, were reduced by 30 percent. Basically, it is not even a problem if you are not v regular – it is essential that you move.


It is very encouraging to know that with only two going to the gym a week, we can do a lot for our bodies and reduce the risk of premature death. Especially for those who are struggling to achieve insane norms in the name of health – Said Emmanuel Stamatakis, author of the study. So, it really does not take too much to stay healthy, an hour or two every week and you will see the change, we are dead serious! Dance, run, use the stairs as often as possible, climb the hills – all of these activities are extremely fun and healthy for you and you should try them out, we are sure you will feel much more confident and you will build up a body figure which is going to be TD! What are you waiting for – pull your best friend by the hand and turn towards the healthy way of living, it will take only a lil’ bit of your time, but it will be worth it.