Lady Gaga Leaves the Superbowl Audience Spellbound With Stunning Halftime Performance

After days of waiting, a storm of hype and speculation about Lady Gaga’s performance at the Superbowl 2017 and whether or not she would use the global stage to express her dislike of US President Donald Trump, we finally got to see the grand event last Sunday. And let’s just say, it was nothing short of what we expected and it was as classy as ever, Lady Gaga style!

Lady Gaga, who started her singing career around the year 2005, has always been an outspoken LGBT and women’s rights advocate. With the Superbowl performance history holding witness to some of the most dramatic performances and strong expression of opinions by celebrities like Beyonce in 2016, Gaga was also expected to sweep people off their feet.
Last Sunday, I doubt if people were even able to stand on their feet, to sweep them off!

Lady Gaga delivered a highly energetic gymnastic performance while conveying sentiments through songs this year.
Standing on the roof of Houston’s NRG Stadium, she started off with “God bless America” which gave off a subtle message of unity in a divided United States. She even recited a part of the American Pledge of Allegiance – “one nation, indivisible with liberty and justice for all” in her opening act.

Then, she jumped off the roof to a stage while suspended on cables (wait for it!) and began what seemed like an ultra-carefully prepared and choreographed 13 minute performance of some of her greatest hits.
What was her setlist you ask?
Well, it included everything that made her the “Lady Gaga” – Poker face, ballad – Edge of Glory, Born This Way, Telephone, Bad Romance and Let’s Dance.
She also sang one from her latest album “Joanne” called “Million Reasons”.


Now since we’re all in for the low down on celebrity news all over the world, here’s a little something I noticed from the set.

She started the set with the famous Woody Guthrie’s civil rights anthem “This Land is Your Land”. Then she later followed up with her very own anthem advocating self-confidence and inclusion “Born This Way”.
Blame it on our conjectures and expectations of her outspoken attitude, but I think it was a subtle jab at the Trump administration. If it was, well, I would say she is one person who knows damn well how to express her opinions.

On a separate note, she literally performed aerial acrobatics dressed in a silver sequined body suit and matching heels in the first part. She then changed into a midriff baring costume with football style shoulder pads for her finale “Bad Romance”.


Now for the highlight of the show – she ended her performance by dropping her microphone, catching hold of a football and jumping off a set of stairs on to the field.
If that doesn’t fill the drama bar of Lady Gaga’s performance, I don’t know what does!

The icing on the cake for her fans though, was the announcement of her next “Joanne World Tour” and its details right after her performance.
It was indeed an epic moment!


Thus history was created yet again at halftime, Superbowl 51, the National Football League Championship game between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons.

Which were your favourite moments from the performance? Let us know.

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