Angelina’s Jolie is back?!

Last September Angelina announced that she was divorcing from Brad Pitt, actress Angelina Jolie completely withdrew from public life and devoted to her children. Although their divorce hearing has not yet been finished, which is not surprising given the fact that millions are at stake, in the new year, she decided to turn the page and come back!



After months of mutual denigration in the media, the couple in January decided that all the details of their separations will be kept for themselves and that will lead to litigation behind closed doors so they both could devote to their work commitments and new projects. And Jolie is really coming back in a big way FR. First, it was discovered that she was the face of the new perfume French brand Guerlain. The scent of Guerlain Sun and the project was accepted for mothers who loved their face powder. All proceeds will be donated to charity, and will be presented in March. Last week, Jolie wrote her opinion on the refugee crisis in The New York Times and,  never once mentioned US President Trump, it was obvious that it was her response to his ban entry of refugees in the United States.It is no wonder that this was decided because it is known as a humanitarian and UN ambassador dealing with the areas affected by war, and war is the theme and its new film that records in conjunction with Netflix. The film ‘First They Killed My Father’ – based on the eponymous autobiography written by activist and her friend Loung Ung, describing how, during the Khmer Rouge, she lost her father, mother and two sisters. She talks about their regime in Cambodia in which killed about two million people which is why Jolie decided to direct the film, very interesting isn’t it?

The famous actress in Cambodia fell in love 2,001th – The filming of the movie ‘Lara Croft: Tomb Raider’ and decided to join the humanitarian work of the United Nations. Their first child – Maddox – adopted just in Cambodia, a 15-year-old took part in the making of the film as a producer. It is about her fifth directorial tasks completed and total third war movie: the former are ‘Unbroken’ and ‘In the Land of Blood and Honey’. Whatever happens, we are Hundo P sure that it will all end up as a success!