Buy a private island and the US president might come to visit

We all dream of having our own private islands and at least once in our lifetime we have contemplated about who we would want to eat dinner with. The answers were usually our favorite stars and maybe for some people, even the president.

Well…young Richard Branson might have dreamed of eating dinner with the president of the USA, but the billionaire is now living his dream. Besides from being the owner of Necker Island, British Virgin Islands, he also got the opportunity to spend time with former US president, Obama.


Richard Brandson, invited Obama and his family to spend some time on his private island. Among the activities that the ex-president enjoyed on the island was kite surfing. Obama said that he was very excited to be able to surf, an activity that he enjoyed doing in his native state, Hawaii. However, during his presidency, he was prevented by his security detail from surfing, given the fact that the life of the president could be put at risk .

According to one of Richard Branson´s recent posts, Obama challenged him to a surfing competition. The rules were simple: the two had to see which one could surf for a longer distance, without falling into the water. To make things even more interesting, Obama learned how to kitesurf, meanwhile the billionaire learned how to foilboard.

barack obama surfSource:

Even though, Branson is famous for his passion for extreme sports, the former US president managed to keep up with him in the water. Moreover, Obama  successfully won the competition, defeating the billionaire by surfing on a distance of 100 meters, meanwhile Branson managed to surf only 50 meters.

If you want to spend time with the president of the United States, you have to follow a few simple steps.

Step 1: Get rich

Step 2: Buy a private island

Step 3: Become famous

Step 4: Befriend the president

Step 5: Invite the president to your island.

See, in theory it is not that hard. So….what are you waiting for? Start working for step number 1.