Top 3 Health and Fitness Apps to Spice Up Your Daily Regime

Fitness is one tricky business. One day we’re feeling all up and energetic, ready to get into those trainers and pump away towards our long set goals.
The next day, we find ourselves slowly crawling out of bed in the morning (or in some cases comfortably tucked in bed), all the while debating over whether or not human beings in general really need fitness goals in their lives!

I get it! We’re all human beings. And the struggle is real.

That is why we need some serious high-end aggressively impacting inspiration for fitness goals.
Now I know that’s one too many adjectives for a single noun, all you Websters. But I mean every single one of them. If you’re going to seek inspiration for fitness, then it has got to have all of those qualities!
New Year’s resolutions in general are seldom followed, let alone fitness resolutions. Hence, if you want to achieve at least 50% of your newly set fitness goals this year, especially the ones you’ve been setting for years now, then you need such incentives in your life.

Inspiration need not always be people or videos or anything of that sort. It can be apps as well. Some fitness apps are so well designed and developed that they can serve to be inspiration for your goals too. Yes FR. It’s all in the make and the UI UX of the apps.

So without further ado, here are the top 3 health and fitness apps to spice up your daily routine:

  1. Aaptive – This is one smart app that tells you exactly what to do to get to your goals once you’ve set them. It literally outshines all those videos available online that show you how to work out. It gives you on-demand audio fitness training through your smartphone. You can carry it with you while you’re on your trail outside or use it for an in-house yoga session. Plus it has the mandatory music for fitness activities. Talk about sophistication!


  2. Forks over Knives – Every fitness regime remains incomplete without a proper diet plan. Forks and Knives is the perfect app to go with your daily routine. It offers over 200 whole food recipes by some of the best chefs from around the world. They are all vegetarian or plant based recipes, so vegans can use it too. They come with clear step-by-step instructions for you to cook easily.


  3. Sleep Cycle – Sleep is something that people often overlook when planning fitness regimes. Well, this app lets you take care of that, hassle free. It carefully monitors your sleep, including your movements and sounds and detects when you deep sleep. It then uses such information to track your rhythms and wake you up during your lightest sleep state so that you feel energised and refreshed all morning. If that doesn’t get you fast moving towards your goals, I don’t know what will.


These three basic apps cover your basic daily routine to get fit. Even if you’re one of those one-of-a-kind sophisticated sloths who wouldn’t move a finger to activate those regular fitness apps even, these 3 are sure to get you going!