Women Are Now Dunking Their Faces in a Bowl of Water to Set Their Makeup

The makeup world is abuzz with a revolutionary trick that’s been making the rounds with our favorite beauty experts and bloggers. Called “Jamsu”, the trick was started by Japanese beauty vlogger YoonCharm. It then quickly gained popularity among South Koreans beauty pros as a helpful alternative to setting sprays and powders. Translating its name to English, “jamsu” actually means “submerging” or “diving”; which is precisely what this makeup trick is all about.

Let’s face it– how many times have you been disappointed at a pricey setting spray or powder that didn’t work? Well, according to Koreans, you could keep your makeup in place at a cheaper and easier way– by plunging your freshly made-up face into a big bowl or sink of cool water. But does this actually work?

The Jamsu Process

It all starts by putting on makeup as you normally would– primer, concealer, and foundation. You will then need to put on handfuls of baby powder or loose powder onto your face as this helps set your makeup. As soon as your face has been covered in powder, you need to “dunk” your face in cold water for 15-30 seconds. The time depends on how dry your skin is. The drier your skin, the longer you should keep your face underwater. But no more than 30 seconds. You have to make sure that all the areas where you applied powder is submerged in the water.

When you’re done, you just have to gently pat your face with a cloth to dry the excess water. You can then start applying eye and lip color on your skin. According to YoonCharm, the cold water gets rid of the white residue from your face without taking away the matte effect the powder leaves behind. As a result, your skin will stay matte throughout the day.


Source: https://www.bebeautiful.in/all-things-skin/trending/jamsu-the-korean-secret-to-glowing-skin

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