Eat but stay fit by eating the following food!

Ah, we love them, especially when we are committed in achieving our New Year’s resolutions in the stage of recovery of all those delicious holiday meals. The next time you feel the need for a satisfying snack, reach for one of these tasty options! Remember, no matter how healthy the food you eat is, you still should not eat like a maniac – find a balance and know your own limits, we call it discipline!

Avocado with salsa – Avocados are delicious and a great source of healthy fats. The study claims that it will keep you satisfied and up to 5 hours. Although avocado has a lot of fat, it does not contain a lot of calories – half a medium avocado has the same number of calories as a handful of nuts. In addition, the salsa will give him a richer flavor of pinches of salt.

Olives – Olives are great for people who have no time to cook  or have to eat something immediately. Their rich, creamy texture and salty taste will satisfy your needs – and because the fatty, satiate you to the dinner. In addition, 5 olives contains only 20 calories. There are people who dislike olives and would rather die of hunger, but in real, they are seriously healthy and can be eaten in various ways.


Dark chocolate – When you eat something sweet, squares of dark chocolate is the best choice – and is much better for the health than a chocolate cake, FR. Research shows that food intense flavor tires taste buds, but you will be satisfied already with dice or two – instead of eating a whole box of cookies – which is exactly what you want if you wish to lose weight and keep yourself fit.


Pistachio in shell – Nuts are on all lists of foods for weight loss and for good reason: they are full of protein and healthy fats, which is scientifically proven to prolong the feeling of satiety. Why pistachios instead of almonds? They are poor in calories so you can eat them more. A removal of the shell requires a certain time and will chew longer, which usually gets you stuffed way faster than not chewing or just swallowing food because you are so hungry.