Kylie Minogue and Kylie Jenner just started a ‘name’ war!

Another Jenner drama has appeared out of nowhere, and guess what – it is about the name Kylie, was it expected knowing there is another Kylie out there who has been a part of fashion and music career for a V long time?!

Reality star Kylie Jenner (19) filed a request for protection of her name as a brand, but it is the same contested singer Kylie Minogue (48). arguing that so youthful starlet could jeopardize her own brand.

Singer Minogue already has its own brand called ‘Kylie Minogue darling’, ‘Lucky – the Kylie Minogue musical’ and ‘Kylie Minogue’.


Notaries Australian singer filed a request US Patent and Trademark Office, an institution that deals with the protection of intellectual property and copyright, arguing that the State reality clan Kardashian – Jenner can not protect its name because Minogue, internationally recognized singer, a humanitarian worker and activist in the fight against breast cancer known around the world as Kylie, while Jenner is side and reality TV personality.

The said instance refused the request youthful Kylie, but she reportedly already planning to appeal to the name Kylie could use for her fashion and cosmetic line.


Anyway, the singer recently broke with her fiance, British actor Joshua Sasseom (29) after a little less than two years together. She threw him out of his London flat because she suspected him cheating on her with Spanish actress Marta Milanis (34).

How is this going to end?! No idea, but we are sure that it will be bombastic! Which Kylie deserves to keep the name? We believe both of them are worthy the name ‘Kylie’ but sometimes it is just not worth all the drama and sacrifices girls, one will have to lose – it is a W/L situation obviously!