Ready to pay $2 Million for a dinner?

That surely seems like a very expensive dinner! Dinner at the restaurant Ce La Vi at the roof of the hotel Marina Bay Sands in Singapore stands a whopping two million US dollars and is the most expensive dinner in the world. So what is on the menu?


For all  this money you will pay, the helicopter will come to pick you up and take you to the restaurant La Ce Vi in Singapore, obviously if you go to a restaurant and you pay so much money, you expect food V tasty food, 10,000 roses and a 2 carat diamond ring. It is a dinner for two that will last eight hours. It begins with a 45-minute flight over Singapore, continues with a ride in a Rolls Royce to the restaurant where wealthy guests will be given a sea of roses, dinner from 18-course which includes most precious oysters and caviar. The guests will drink the wine aged 44-55 years, and finally followed by an expensive ring engraved with the names of guests. That sounds like a dinner TD!


For that much money, the ring contains not just any diamond – it is a very rare blue gem. The restaurant has come up with this attraction, organized in cooperation with the Russian company World of Diamonds. The company will choose one couple and will organize one such dinner in the period when the guests want. That day means the restaurant will be closed for everyone else. It is not known whether they have already chosen who will enjoy this luxury. They say that this ring is worth more than two million dollars. They called it “The Jane Seymour”.