The All New “My Signature Londener” Collection of Luxury Furniture by Bornincolour: Everything You Could Ever Ask For!

Why wait for Thanksgiving or Christmas each year to change your furniture?
Why not change them now?
Well, if you must have a reason then, Valentine’s day is just around the corner and hey, it’s been just a little over a month since last new year, so there you go.

Frankly people, your home is where you spend a significant part of your life in and you most likely spend all of that time on your home furniture. No arguments over that now, are there?

So you really shouldn’t look for a “perfect time” to give your home furniture a makeover. Instead, what a perfect reason would be is when there is a super comfortable and classy collection of luxury furniture being launched!

I’m talking about the latest collection of luxury furniture from bornincolour. It’s classy, it is sleek, it is simple and everything you could ever ask your furniture to be! Just one look at it and you’ll go damn Gina! Not kidding.


This is the new “My Signature Londener” collection of luxurious mahogany furniture by the Singapore brand bornincolour. It is the perfect blend of the evergreen rustic style and the comparatively new industrial look. The pieces in this collection are inspired from Kinfolk industrial and they all stand by the standard clean lines.
The wood that is mainly used throughout the collection is mahogany, which already shouts class and sophistication. As an added doze of style, the pieces are all adorned with slim legs each with a hint of gold in the end.


Now if you are wondering whether it will be a little too much for your home, then stop right there. Because it is developed by the Korean brand keeping in mind those people who prefer minimalistic luxury. In other words, it’s for those of you who would like some luxury but not very loud ones.

Bornincolour has always come up with classy styles that are high in luxury but affordable at the same time since 2014. Some of their earlier collections such as Affordable Art Fair and Art Age Singapore are perfect examples of that. This year too, people have high expectations for their new collection.


The “My Signature Londener” collection includes a table and a sofa with interchangeable fabric among other pieces. The sad news though, is that these will only be available at the bornincolour studios for a limited period only.
You know what that means!

Time to hustle and get your hands on some new stylish furniture for your homes!