The products which are gonna refresh and make your nails great again!

Sometimes under a thick layer of your favorite nail polish it is easy to forget about the health of your nails and their care, which turns into something super annoying and gets you surprised when they start to change color and break, even under the least pressure. Fortunately, there are many products to help you maintain healthy and strong nails. Of course, any beauty bag must contain the ultimate tools for their cutting and maintenance, and a nail file, which you can always have with you – for crisis management. Manicurist and owner of Polished Beauty Bar in New York Susan Nam, in whose hands are left numerous celebrities, warned that the nails need to regularly get ‘fed’ and nurtured.


It is recommended that the cuticle is not cut, but that can be solved with creams and oils that contain ingredients such as jojoba oil and vitamin E, ideal for maintaining the natural strength and humidity of your nails. It is rich with shea butter, a major ally in skin care, while for strengthening it si recommended that you take a look at the neem plant in India, since it has a special reputation when it comes to nail care.


Susan Nam recommended nail files that are not too rough, especially for natural nails, and their regularly changing because it is the surface that is easy to develop bacteria. Easy remove products based on oil to immediately and nourish the nail surface, and for all those who decide to do their nails before leaving the apartment there are also products that accelerate the drying. Given the fact that we are approaching a new fashion season, we believe you should take enough time and put some effort in keeping your nails healthy, it really does not cost a lot and the outcome will be TD! No one likes to see trashy nails, right?!