Flaunt a White Bandana This Fashion Season, Because We Are All #TiedTogether

It is that time of the year again when runways across the fashion centers of the world showcase some of the hottest styles ruling the world of fashion and show business!
We just witnessed the grand opening of the New York Fashion Week Fall 2017 for women today and it just marks the beginning of the annual series of fashion weeks in the coming months.
While fashion brands from all over the world try to make a lasting impression and build a statement of their own during fashion weeks, they also bring their best in terms of creativity and talent. And more often than not, the styles are TDF, every single season!

This season too, we will be seeing some hot new trends. Along with that, we will be seeing one accessory in common among all models, designers and fashion editors – a white bandana.

Source: http://www.instyle.com/awards-events/fashion-week/white-bandana-tied-together-movement

According to “The Business of fashion” the white bandana denotes unity, solidarity and a sense of inclusiveness during the fashion week. They seek to carry forward the #TiedTogether movement for this purpose with the white bandana as a symbol of support.

In the coming four weeks following today, as the other fashion centres Paris, Milan and London also get ready for their shows, the white bandana will rule the fashion world as a sign of unity.

This movement will be supported by some of the most eminent designers in fashion as well including the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, Prabal Gurung and Diane Von Furstenberg. Other VIP guests participating in the show like street style influencers and celebrities will also be showing their support by flaunting the bandana.

Source: https://tiedtogether.businessoffashion.com/

So I guess that leaves us with just one thing to do. Let’s head to Amazon and get ourselves a white bandana and do our bit to sustain humanitarian qualities in this world. Oh and hey, you can wear it however you want – around your neck or waist or wrist or handbag. So there’s versatility too.

Let the world know of your support by wearing the bandana and posting a picture to Instagram or Facebook with the #TiedTogether.

Imran Amed, founder and CEO of the “Business of Fashion” said, “In fashion, visuals often speak louder than words.

The #TiedTogether movement will also be kick-starting today at the Tommy Hilfiger show in Los Angeles.

So how would you like to flaunt the white bandana? Share with us.