Pink is V proud of not losing any weight after she gave a birth!?

The singer has hired a personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins in ortder to return in shape after the second birth. Pink is going to return to the scene after she has taken a small break, FR we cannot wait to see her on the stage again!


Six weeks after giving birth to son James Moon, singer Pink (37) started going to the gym. – Bravo, yes! I am completely normal. I did not take off a pound since I gave birth – was written by Pink with the photo from the gym. Pink really should not worry about weight at all, she is always looking great and keeps it real. Pink is currently recording a new album that should see the light of day in the spring.


The singer was recently mentioned quite a bit, after the users of social networks have concluded that Lady Gaga copied her performance in which she sang ‘in the air’. Just to get rid of it immediately – Lady Gaga has ‘killed it’ at the Super Bowl. She sang exellent and without a fear jumped off a building. I’m not the first one who has been ‘flying’ in the air, Cirque du Soleil and Peter Pan are doing it a lot longer than me – was written by Pink. Pink has always been a V original and entertaining celebrity, we believe we can expect a lot of new performances from her and it will surely be worth the waiting! Let’s be honest, she really did fly and she really is not the first one who flew. We hope to see her flying again, because last time it was TD for!

Pink and husband Carey Hart except James Moon, have a daughter, Willow (5), which, says the singer, is V jealous of her younger brother and is often in tears.