Reebok says that everyone should ‘Be more human’! We agree.

New Reebok global campaign celebrates the natural and human connection. Reebok’s latest campaign ‘BE MORE HUMAN’ brings the cycle of inspiring and powerful film works that celebrate the human mental and physical connection. All films show the importance of physical activity and hard work, with the aim of satisfying and active lifestyle. Continuing its mission, Reebok is trying to change consciousness and perception and experience of the fitness center. This is a new development path ‘BE MORE HUMAN’ philosophy whose main motive is to inspire and encourage people to become a better version of themselves, mentally and physically.

The first in the series, the film is called ‘HANDS’. An inspiring and full of symbolism film, through different life situations dealing with human error and written in our battle scars and calluses. Shows the strength of all those who, every day, push the limits of endurance of their body, with a focus on hand-full of injuries that are very admirable.

‘Mom’ is another emotional and touching story about the closeness of mother and daughter. By the time a girl enters the mother’s clothes and trying on her high heels, finds the old Nano Reebok sneakers. It reveals another side of his mother. Then begins its admiration and fascination with his mother. Instead of playing with high heels, a little girl tries on her mother’s shoes that reveal a completely different, more powerful world.

The last film release, ‘SLIDE’ tells the story of a man whose life goes downhill. Wanting a change, he reveals the passion of running and so rebuilds his own life. In running he finds purpose and satisfaction. The basic idea and the message of these short videos is that training can not only change the body, but also the V person. Through training we become bolder, more caring, closer to other people and become a better version of ourselves.

We have to say that this time Reebok really did an amazing job, all these stories are truly inspiring and we hope the message will be seen to inspire the people all around the world, FR!