Why would you buy a house if you can live on a boat?!

Boat has 165 apartments with 250-odd owners and their guests. Some owners living on board all year, while others just stop by during their annual holiday house by the sea, which every morning offers another view? Life as a combination of vacation on a private yacht and comfort in a luxurious home on the coast? That is about everyday thing for the residents of this luxury cruise ship ‘The World’, which draws the attention of people wherever it is seen. The impressive cruise ship, with 254 passengers and 279 crew members, who live on it and travel the world’s seas. Every year, they sit at the table and vote about where they could go next year. In the most interesting destinations they usually stay for several days.


After a full day of research, you return to your home and you recall the day with a bottle of wine, a good book while you prepare dinner in your own kitchen or fall asleep thinking about what adventures await you the next day. Isn’t that something everyone would want to experience every now and then?! We are Huno P sure that we would! On board living feels like it’s a small town, where they can enjoy a few swimming pools, wellness center, theater, cinema, casino, bars, pools and restaurants, and if they run out of something, open trade is always at their disposal.


The most expensive apartment costs up to 66 million and it is TD for, a cheaper apartment costs 4.5 million. At 196 meters long and 30 meters high ship the 106 apartments are available and 59 no less luxurious studio apartments. To owners and their guests the 279 crew members are always on service. On board are 12 decks. After seeing this possibility, we also want to see how this ship really works  and looks like, because on the pictures it is truly stunning, filled with finesse and a lot of entertainment!