Wondering which skin cleaner will finally do the job?!

The tiny crystals of minerals of various clays have an excellent ability to remove toxins, while the skin releases trace elements that nourish the skin, moisturize and regenerate …

Judging by traditional medicine, as well as the modern cosmetics industry, there are better cleaners for your skin and the body  – masks with clay! There is no better solution for the extraction of excess fat and toxins from the skin. The small crystals of minerals, which have a superior ability to bind themselves to organic molecules, fat and metabolic waste products, while the skin releases trace elements (metals such as zinc, iron, manganese …), improve the functioning of skin cells.

The three best types of clay as the clay is rich in minerals, and cleans, nourishes and regenerates the skin, but also through the mask removes the layer of dead cells from the surface while acting as exfoliate and cleans pores.

The most common is the use of three types of clay:

  1. Green is ideal for cleaning oily and combination skin
  2. White clay used for the care and cleaning of dry, mature and sensitive skin
  3. Red clay is excellent for regeneration of tired, stressed skin affected.


Thus, in private you can create a mask that is made for the needs of your skin type:

Weigh 30 g of clay that suits your skin type and then slowly pour water until you get a thick cream. Apply the mask to the face and after 5 minutes clean it off your face with water!

The best is clay you can eat!

The recipes for the care using the finest clay particles, which is usually more expensive than clay with coarse particles. The highest quality clay that is certified to be taken orally! The mask should be thick like paste, but should not be ‘crushed’ on the skin because it is a sign that is too dry. Therefore, the clay must be well mixed to evenly distribute essential oils, which is enough for about 5 minutes. Container with mask is necessary to keep good shut – in refrigerator to retain their valuable properties.