Engadine Valley’s magical luxury and nature will leave you breathless

Engadine Valley is located on the southern side of the Swiss Alps, at 1,800 meters above sea level and is known as the ‘roof of Europe’ … Harmonious scenography lakes that are located here, have made the Engadin valley known worldwide. Engadine valley offers us an abundance of sunny days, with its mineral springs and a very pleasant climate. Piz Bernina, the top of which is located here, is the highest peak in the eastern Alps, 4,049 meters high. Engadin valley has a fascinating cultural heritage and here people speak several languages.


Many famous people have been here, once stayed and sought their place for relaxation, such as Thomas Mann, Friedrich Nietzsche, Wagner, Hermann Hesse, Arthur Toscanini, Richard Strauss and many others. Altogether, this region contains 13 cities that cooperate and build on one another. Skiing is of course one of the most common activities, while ice and wind surfing favorite hobbies local residents and all visitors. Here are held polo tournaments and horse races, as well as the music festival Snow Symphony, and in the past, here were held numerous Olympic competitions. While it is phenomenal for a visit during the winter time, Engadine valley is beautiful and during the summer, and then provides you with opportunities for mountain biking, hiking, golf, tennis and sailing.


Also, the only Swiss national park is located in this valley, just a short distance from all the popular content. St. Moritz is the cradle of winter tourism, and is located in this valley, offering you all the luxury amenities that you would like to enjoy. From luxury units, to high-end restaurants and pop-up boutiques, you  will find everything for the perfect vacation, during summer or winter. This valley is a Hundo P magic done by our planet, it is truly stunning and we would love to visit it one day, how about you?!