Finding Your Skin Type For Up to 20% More Effective Skin Care: A Quick Guide

Tired of picking out skin care products that never seem to work for your skin?
Sick of dealing with skin issues that never seem to go away even after using tried and tested celebrity endorsed brands?

Well, the problem could very well be the products that you’re using.

I know I know, you bought them after thorough research and days of going over reviews about the same product before you finally settled on what seemed like the ultimate solution to your particular skin problem!

The thing is, the products that were said to work magically on the reviews that you read were probably the right ones for the particular person writing the review. And your skin type is way different from hers so the chances of the product working the same way on your skin are pretty slim.

So basically it’s all about finding your skin type and choosing products that work on it specifically.

Here we have a quick reference guide to finding out what your skin type is and what kinds of products to choose for your skin type:

Dry Skin

Common attributes:

Right after you cleanse, your skin feels all tight and in need of some kind of hydration. You feel like you constantly need to use a moisturizer, that too a very hydrating one at all times, irrespective of whether it is winter or summer.


What to avoid:

You need to avoid all products that contain alcohol, or sodium or ammonium lauryl sulphate. It basically means you should avoid gel based serums and creams as they generally tend to contain such ingredients.

What you can use:

Water-based products are your best bet. Also, products that contain glycerine, propylene glycol, hyaluronic acid and the like. You can also use that contain emollient ingredients like shea butter, argan oil and fatty acids like linolenic acid.

Oily/Acne Prone Skin

Common attributes:

Pimples are a major problem for you. And a few minutes or hours after you cleanse, your skin becomes shiny and feels sticky.


What to avoid:

Anything that contains even the slightest amount of oil. Sometimes, it may be mentioned towards the end of the ingredients list of products, in which case it might be ok. Also, you need to steer clear of alcohol-based toners and astringents.

What you can use:

You need to use products that contain glycolic acid, lactic acid, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. However, you must be a little careful not to overuse these ingredients with too many products as that might dry out your skin.


Combination skin

Common attributes:

This is the trickiest kind. Your skin feels sticky and oily on your T-zone a few hours after cleansing while feeling normal or dry and even flaky everywhere else.

What to avoid:

Products that contain aggressive ingredients like salicylic acid, glycolic acid and benzoyl peroxide. They are mostly seen in acne cleansers and moisturizers.
You also need to avoid creams with a rich and thick consistency like heavy moisturizers.

What you can use:

Products with a light consistency, serums and gels and products that contain glycerine, hyaluronic acid, sorbitol etc. would be perfect for your skin.

Now that you know what your skin type is, toss out the old products and buy new effective ones. Be sure to check out the ingredients list and choose wisely.