How much money do the people at NYFW earn?

NYFW started yesterday and one question that comes to our mind is who which were the best and the worst outfits on the catwalk? And even though we usually speak out the first question, what is really challenging our thoughts is:  who are the best and worst paid people on and off the catwalk?

First of all, let’s talk about models, as they are usually the center of attention during the fashion shows. The highest grossing model is Gisele Bündchen earning the sum of  $30.5 million, followed by Adriana Lima, earning the sum of $10.5 million and the third place is held by Kendall Jenner and Karlie Kloss, each earning  $10 million. Lesser known models, however, can earn anywhere between $18,000 and $300,000

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Next, we should discuss fashion designers, as they are the ones behind the collections. Their salary usually varies with  their fame in the fashion industry. Fashion designers like Dolce Gabbana usually earn sums expressed in millions of dollars, while lesser known fashion designers earn sums of around $93,000.

PR managers, whose main job is to keep safe the reputations of the models and the designers, are among the highest paid at NYFW, the most successful ones earning as much as  $92,000 (almost as much as the designers).

Fashion magazine editors also play an important role in NYFW. The editor-in-chief of the renowned fashion magazine Vogue, Anna Wintour is said to receive an annual salary amounting to up to $2 million and her assistant is rumored to earn about $40,000. Other editors with an experience of 20 years in the industry might earn around $78,000.

Clothes stylists are also key in NYWF, rumored to earn an average salary of about $69,000, while make-up artist earn around $60,000 and hair stylists  $42,000.

Photographers’ salaries usually vary a lot, however, those at NYFW are top notch in the field, earning an average salary of about $62,000.

Tell us why you guys think about NYFW and the salaries that these people earn. Do you think that they are underpaid, overpaid or paid the amount that they deserve?