How to eat less: 5 extremely important rules!

You are always hungry and you can not control the amount of food you take in your body? We have a perfect solution for your problem! Before anything – you need to realize that your body usually adapts to the eating changes, that means you should be very cautious when it comes to your eating habits and prevent yourself from eating that pack of chips whenever you look at it.


  1. If you want to reduce the volume of your stomach, the first thing to look for is the frequency of food intake in the body. As more and more often you eat, your stomach will be expanding. Therefore, if the last meal of less than 3 hours, instead of food rather have a glass of water or a cup of green tea.
  2. Try to gradually reduce the amount of food you eat at a meal. Your breakfast should consist of several sets of dishes, cups of coffee, croissants, but portions of the grains.You will notice that your stomach will eventually adapt to the amount of food, which it is due.
  3. Pay enough attention to the size of the meals you eat. Do not allow overeating and do not give up, even if you had a longer break. As soon as your stomach gets more food, it again stretches and adapts to the new amount of food.
  4. Try to eat with a teaspoon and drink water during meals.This will improve your digestion, stomach digests food faster and it will quickly go through it if the food is softened with water, so that the stomach decreases without any consequences.
  5. Have lunch and have breakfast in the kitchen, do not turn on the radio, computer or TV leave nothing to disrupt while you eat. Just so you can concentrate on the food and process your food intake. Eating next to a TV can take your attention away and you might eat a lot more than you previously planned.