Kanye, Kanye, again? Why is it always you that makes a problem?!

This time he stepped on toes of the American Association of Fashion Designers. FR?! Kanye West and controversy are often part of the same sentence. This time, the rapper has angered leaders CFDA, American Association of Fashion Designers responsible for the organization of local fashion weeks and announced that during the recent Fashion Week in New York he would present his new collection for Adidas. But the problem did not arise because of the magazine, but because of the term that is Kanye selected without consultation with representatives of the CFDA, but it turned out that at that time show house Marchesa was already scheduled. Since West is not part of the official calendar, but uses the same period to be presented regardless of CFDA, an organization can affect his term, but they still expressed dissatisfaction with this move. ‘Mr. West did not consult us about appointments and what is wrong, again working against us and designers who are part of the official program’ – stated an official statement of the organization.


However, this is not the ordinary feuding over the timetable. CFDA and New York designers have many reasons for the protest. Last September, the West’s Yeezy 4 show turned into a five-hour disaster, while the season before collection Yeezy 3 also presents several hours performance in Madison Square Garden. And given the length of his presentation, CFDA feared to except Marchese, West could overshadow magazine Anna Sui, Thom Browne and Ralph Lauren, who are also scheduled that afternoon or evening. However, the problem was solved the day after reaction associations, and West later personally called their representatives and agreed to earlier dates. Nonetheless, Yeezy 5 remains outside the official schedule, at least this season. It seems that Kanye still likes to work independently and in his own way, without someone from the CFDA imposing rules. What is the next plan for our most known male celebrity ‘drama queen’? Who knows, but we are hundo p sure that it will not go smooth, since nothing goes smooth with Kanye lately.