to'ak chocolate

The World’s Most Expensive Chocolate Has Sold Out

To’ak, a chocolate company best known for being the most expensive in the world, has just sold out of their vintage chocolate selection. With Valentine’s Day only a few days away, it’s interesting to see that the company sold all the 200 pieces they carefully created. The Ecuadorian cacao To’ak used were kept in a 50-year old cognac cask to age for a total of 15 months. Through this aging process, the flavor of the chocolate was greatly enhanced.

It is for this precise reason why To’ak is able to sell a 50-gram bar of chocolate at a whopping $345. But still, it’s interesting to see that many rushed to get their own To’ak chocolate before it completely ran out.

If you’re still interested in getting your share of the world’s first vintage chocolate, you may have to wait for the next batch. The company has already announced they are ready to accept pre-orders for their next vintage edition chocolate. For the next batch, they will be using a Laphroaig Scotch Barrel where the chocolate will be aged for two years; along with another three years inside a French Oak Cognac Cask.

to'ak chocolate