Changing her clothes three times a day?! Selena never fails to surprise us!

Given that the pop singer Selena Gomez was the star of the campaign house of Louis Vuitton, she is the face of the brand Coach and surrounded by top designers. It is not surprising that she always looks flawless. No matter whether it is a red carpet or a simple way out into the city Selena’s style many want to copy, and this time she showed with three different combinations in a single day and all three combinations were truly TD! To promote the new Netflix series ‘Reasons Why’, Selena Gomez has changed three outfits.

New York has become a catwalk, and each combination is noteworthy. On Netflix panel she wore a red bomber jacket and black dress with a floral pattern – both brand Coach.


However, the star styling were black sandals by Givenchy with heels in gold.

Elegant sandals by French luxury brand has maintained in the next combination: black-and-white dress from the spring collection house Proenza Schouler with cutouts and bows was the most daring piece that was chosen.


For the third and final day outfit she copied the styling of Victoria Beckham. Gomez picked a brown knit dress from the collection of the British designer and she put it on over the red shirts and the same kind of combination we have already seen from Victoria Beckham.


The only difference was that the famous singer with her combination of ‘spice’ – sandals with the cheetah pattern. Seriously, she really looks amazingly good lately and we hope it stays that way! We are Hundo P sure that no matter what Selena picks for her next styling combination, it will look stunning!