A little secret from us for you: achieve a nicely looking butt without a single squat!

The squatting is commonly referred to as a fundamental exercise to achieve adequate size and strength of the buttocks, we discovered that this may not be the case. We have selected training in pumping buttocks during which there is no need to perform squats. The only thing required is that the extremely concentrate on the contraction of all three muscles of your buttocks, or the contraction of gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. Check out the video and see how the exercise functions and make sure you read through this text carefully afterwards, if you plan to have a nice butt of course!

Performing exercises that are part of the proposed training should occupy your attention because it is not at all common. From different angles, with different weight loads, triggered by the muscles of your buttocks on growth. Carefully consider the performance of each exercise to prevent possible injury. Pay attention to when any of the exercises performed without weighing down your spine. This is particularly important if your level of training is relatively high and accordingly exercise you perform with a relatively large weight loads. In the end it is necessary to note that even small changes in posture can lead to significant changes in the contraction of muscles themselves that try to load and can concentrate on the personal needs and characteristics of your body. If the following exercises are completely unknown to you, then run with very low weight loads while you have not fully mastered the way of your implementation. Be persistent, because only thanks to the perseverance you can achieve desirable sports results.