Kardashians never fail to soak in all of the attention.

By now it can be concluded that there is no member of the famous Kardashian family that will not surprise his/her bizarre behavior, reasoning and actions. Kendall Jenner this time made a crazy thing for another bizarre reason.


A pretty 20-year-old Kendall Jenner decided to radical surgery, all to keep her modeling line under control , international media reported. And while a few individuals could figure out the color of the room and that appetites have anything to do with it, well informed Kendall knows otherwise. On her blog she published a post called ‘The Story Behind My Pink Wall’ and revealed why the living room arranged as if she is a living doll Barbie.


‘The color I chose after dinner with friends. They recently visited the exhibition of  Human Condition in the former hospital in Los Angeles and heard a very interesting information. They told me that within you can find a pink room and explained that it was a Baker-Miller pink shades. Specifically, the nuances of which is scientifically proven to soothe and suppresse appetite – explained Kendall Jenner.

It did not take long time to see the act swiftly gain a lot of criticism. A lot of people believe that painting room in pink to combat appetite is an awful idea and they simply hate the reason behind it. I hate celebrities and this monstrous association’,’Kendall is sending a wrong message to young girls saying that the pink color will help them starve and be just like her’, are some of the comments that can be read on her Instagram profile.