MAC’s new pizza cutter eyeliner preview at NYFW

NYFW is not only about designers competing to have the greatest designs, it is also about make-up. Cosmetics brands are also in a competition to have the most innovative products and make-up artist are using  products that are yet to be released for public purchasing, in a challenge to display their talent in a way that emphasizes the quality of the products.

MAC Cosmetics is a famous make-up brand, that never ceases to impress us with it’s cool inventions. Between its latest lip scrubs and its brand new line o neon matte lipsticks, it is really hard for us not to buy something every time we pass by the shop’s make-up counters. NYFW was an opportunity for the brand to give us a sneak peak of their revolutionary eye liner.

Make-up artist Michael Patterson is currently working with MAC Cosmetics at NYFW. He posted this following boomerang on his Instagram account. As you can see the applicator tip is in the shape of a pizza cutter. Simply incredible! Who knows, maybe we will finally get to achieve the cat eye look, that simply won’t turn out fine no matter how hard we try, right?

According to another post of the make-up artist, we can expect to see this pizza cutter eyeliner in three colors: glossy black, matte black and brown. Or maybe MAC Cosmetics has more surprises in store for us. Who knows?

We don’t know about you guys, but here at EgomediaTV we have seen our dream come true: make-up and our favorite food (pizza) put together. Who knew it was possible? We are waiting anxiously to get our hands on the new MAC Cosmetics pizza cutter eyeliner and if it manages to help us finally draw that perfect winged eyeliner, than it is definitely sorcery!