Take a sneak peek into the most expensive house in the world!

Ever imagined how would the most expensive house in the world look like? Maybe a house from a certain celebrity left you speechless, but we promise you have never seen a house like this before – it is designed to stand out, and guess what – it really does that with ease!


This luxury property is called the Palais Bulles (in translation Bubble Palace or Palace of the bubbles), and the name goes well with the house futuristic shape that looks like a bunch of balloons. The house is located in the south of France is the most expensive in the world. It is located in Cannes and stands a whopping almost half a billion dollars – $ 455 million which is more than three billion. Formerly this property is the property of the famous designer Pierre Cardin. It has about 120 square meters, ten bedrooms, a spherical living room, huge gardens and ponds, swimming pool.


It was designed by Hungarian architect Antti Lovag, and was built in 1979. The whole house looks more like a small village. The entire property is like a movie set, full of interesting shapes and hidden corners.


Visitors sometimes have the impression that they will lose. It spans over 8,600 square meters. There is an outdoor space for concerts or performances that fit about 500 spectators who by the way can enjoy the beautiful view of the sea. Palais Bulles is trying to be sold by the agency Christie’s International Real Estate, specializing in very high-end properties.