You want to look happier or a little bit more feminine? Eyebrows are the answer!

Make-up artists say that our eyebrows are the perfect frame for our face and that they can transform our look, make it elegant, feminine, powerful, and even V sad. Make-up artists around the world fell in love with the eyebrows, but a few seasons they rule the scene, the formula for their arrangement is on the shelves of many stores out there.


Play around a little with them, you will notice that with the change of lines, ports, and the density of expressions on the face actually changes drastically. Manipulate lines and shades on your face, and eyebrows are the perfect choice for that.

If you do not know what to do and how to make them look good – we have a perfect advise for you! Every eyebrow can be fixed nicely: thicker will attenuate and create thinner custom-made line. But do not try this at home, we suggest you try with a professional method that removes those tiniest hairs that can not be captured with tweezers. Top pens are very smooth structure, or shades which we apply carefully at the parts where our eyebrows are thinner. Mandatory after applying eyebrow pencil should comb, you will also softer and give them more natural effect. For a filler it is the best to use a brown pencil, and there are usually lighter and darker versions. Then comb them, and if you want to emphasize them further, put a little bit of highlighter, just below your eyebrows. If your eyebrows are a little bit mischievous, use gel for eyebrows.