10 Easy and Effective Beauty Hacks That Actually Work

All the ladies in the house say hey!

You know how you start doing a winged eyeliner and how you try your best to keep the line as thin as possible while at the same time keeping the wing on point?
And you finally end up drawing a line that goes up to your brow bone because you had to match the wing which now actually looks like a butterfly’s wing.

Everyone knows the struggle. But that’s why we also have the spoon trick now. I’m sure you know how to use a spoon to get the perfect winged eye right?

That was one heck of a hack I should say. How about some more such effective and life-saving beauty hacks?

Well brace yourselves because we’ve got the ultimate list of 10 make-up and beauty hacks that you should definitely try for an easier life. Guess what, they actually work!

  1. Quick lemon fix for acne – If you are struggling with a lot of acne scars on your face, all you need to do is dab some lemon juice on them once daily and you’ll see them fading away in a few days. Be sure to apply some SPF later when you step out.
  2. To make lips pop – To make your lips appear brighter and fuller, use a little bit of highlighter in the centre of your lips.
  3. For shoe blisters – Shoe blisters can be really painful and irritating. Apply some clear deodorant on your heels and in other places that might be prone to blisters to stop the friction.
  4. Your own eyebrow fillers – Don’t throw away your old mascara wands yet. Clean them and use them to apply eyebrow color and fill them perfectly.mascara.jpg
    Source: http://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifestyle/22-beauty-hacks-you-have-try.html
  5. Re-use old mascara – Yet another mascara trick. You can add some eye drops to old dried out mascara to get them ready again.
  6. For hair updo’s that don’t budge – Bobby pins are every girl’s best friend any day. You can make the most use out of them by spraying them with hairspray before right before using them. It further helps in holding the hair up for longer.
  7. Green tea for the face – Save your green tea bags and use them to scrub your face gently while still wet. It helps in reducing the effects of pollution, redness, and even signs of aging.
  8. Natural and most effective makeup remover – It’s coconut oil ladies. It is completely safe, all natural and it is found to be one of the most effective makeup removers. It is especially useful in removing even the most dramatic eye makeup.coconut oil.jpg
    Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/melissa-legarda/10-reasons-why-virgin-coc_b_9429310.html
  9. For the perfect French nails – French nails require utmost patience and an eye for detail. Do it with a rubber band easily and make your friends think you got it done.
  10. Prime with no primer – If you don’t have an eye primer, don’t worry. You can use a white eye shadow for a base primer. It will make all the colors you apply stay put for longer.

So which ones are your favorites? Let us know.