Celebrities might have a lot of money, but some have the experience when it comes to stealing from the stores?!

Although some of these celebrities earn millions of dollars, some famous ladies decided to rob the store. Some of them were stealing V inexpensive items, while others are seeking a little more ‘thrill’.

Megan Fox


When she was a teenager, Megan liked to steal candies and make-up, one of her friends discovers. On one occasion, she was caught as she stole lipgloss in Walmart worth of seven dollars. When she was caught by the security guards, Megan admitted theft and Walmart denies her entry to that market until the end of life. This market chain is now selling biographies of famous actresses.

Britney Spears


Singer several times happened to ‘forget to pay’ items that she took in the store. That is one of the boutiques she walked out in a T-shirt worth about $ 200, and she stole a lighter on a gas station. During her visit in one sex shop, Britney she hid a wig in her bag and with came out with it.

Lindsay Lohan


In addition to drunk driving, Lindsay has really had a problem with ‘sticky fingers’. Lindsay’s friend sued her because the actress stole a $ 12,000 worth fur jacket. Two years later, Lohan stole from her friend a $ 35,000 worth Rolex. Mischievous actress was ‘in trouble’when she tried to steal jewelry necklace worth more than two thousand dollars. When they caught her, Lindsay said that she only wanted to borrow the necklace, FR Lindsay?! For stealing that necklace she was sentenced 480 hours of community service.

Winona Ryder


Best known as ‘celebrity shoplifter’ 2001. she was captured in a department store Saks Fifth Avanue in Beverly Hills when she tried to steal goods worth of $ 5,500. Winona decided to walk out of the store with a bunch of clothes, including Gucci dress and Marc Jacobs handbags. Obviously ‘disoriented’ Winona was soon caught by the security guards, and just as in the case of Lindsay, security camera footage went around the whole world. Ryder later admitted that she had caused the scandal, afterwards – she was forced to take care of her life, go to psychotherapy and rehab.