Completely different than others – 5 beauty ideas for the brave ones!

Becoming totally different from the other is not at all difficult – with offbeat beauty trends from the international catwalks.

Removing the ‘dust’ with hair clippers


Going to some is like a nightmare because it often happens that they leave the salon with hair several inches shorter than they wanted. In this case, the ideal technique for the preservation of a healthy and smooth hair is ‘hair dusting’. It means cutting your clean and dried hair with scissors which reduce only the tops damaged hair, and goes longitudinally towards the top of the head. This way does not affect the length and safely removes the damaged tips of your hair.

Wire as jewelry


Innovation lovers in manicure certainly  follow the Korean Eunkyung Park, owner of the salon for a manicure Unistella. In addition to the well-known leader of the trends in nail art, her latest creations on the nails became a hit even among minimalists. It is the decoration of the nail with thin gold wire that is attached to the gel, and it can be molded and stiletto nails and 3D shapes or, in turn, framed cuticle.

Effect spider eyelashes


Often negatively perceived, glued eyelashes in the beauty world took on new meaning. Thick and elongated eyelashes are no longer in fashion, but again are desirable exactly how a British fashion model Twiggy wore them in 60′.  This can be achieved easily with the help of specially designed brushes – Cosmetics company ‘smelled’ that these eyelashes are going to be a hit this season.

Pastels on the lips


Ladies that have pastel highlights in their hair – now these tones can be used on your lips too!

Cute blonde


Strawberry sauce was given a new meaning and has nothing to do with ice cream. The trendsetters this season their platinum authorities update with this ‘sweet’ shade – like British models Mary Charteris and Georgia May Jagger.

These beauty ideas might not seem like the best choice for many, but FR, if it was not considered ‘weird’  we would Hundo P sure try these out!! These beauty ideas are surely not for the people who dislike the attention and like to stay on the side!