Have you seen the luxury in which Gigi and Bella Hadid grew up?!

The father of Belle and Gigi Hadid, Mohamed Hadid, opened the door of luxury detached villa for the magazine Harper’s Bazaar Arabia.


Luxury villa of nearly 4500 square meters consists of three floors. In front of the villa you can see a giant swimming pool, and nearby there is a guardhouse. In the construction of this masterpiece more than a thousand people were involved. The villa is full of art and antiques, and was built on the model of the French castles, so it looks more like a museum than as a family home.


The house even has its own website. It has two living rooms and a lounge bar, and Mohammed is especially proud of the kitchen where there is a huge fridge in which you can enter. There is also a separate breakfast room, a music room and specially decorated room for makeup needs.


The house has and several offices and rooms for staff. Bedroom for him and his wife Shiva Safai has two additional rooms that serve as closets and two additional rooms for dressing. Family can enjoy a home gym and spa treatments, and have a special room for playing games.


67-year-old Mohamed is engaged in real estate, has designed a variety of luxury homes and hotels, and worked at the Ritz hotel, but around their villa he has put a V special amount of effort.