Tiffany Trump sits in front row at NYFW

NYFW is not always about the fashion designers , the models and the designs, but the public is always interested in who was present at the show and who was seated in the front rows. As we have seen, this event was an opportunity for designers to show their lack of support for the current president of the United States, with designers wearing pins and showing different messages during their show.

Despite everything going on with her father, Tiffany Trump, the current US president’s daughter was spotted sitting in the front row at a NYFW presentation on Saturday, February 11. She was accompanied by her mother, Marla Maples and her longtime boyfriend, Ross Mechanic.

The 23 year-old rocked a white dress and golden heels while attending designer Toaray Wang’s fashion show in the Big Apple. Her 53 year-old mother wore a beautiful off-the-shoulder gray gown, while her boyfriend was seen wearing a black graphic T-shirt underneath a black leather jacket, black jeans and gray sneakers. These were however, not the only people who accompanied Tiffany. Hidden in this picture, on her mother’s left, there is the security detail, following the first daughter’s every move.

Imagini pentru tiffany trump nyfw


Toaray Wang, the famous 49 year-old Chinese fashion designer styled the outfit that the first daughter wore to the president’s inauguration on January 20. The outfit consisted of a white dress with a matching double breasted coat. Tiffany Trump claimed that she believes that the designer is familiar with her style and that the two work closely together. The first daughter added that she plans on attending more NYFW shows.

NYFW never ceases to impress us. From stunning designs to innovative make-up and even the members of the audience, we never know what the next fashion show is going to bring us. This is why, we are looking closely at every fashion show, and if you don’t have time to do so too, then tune in with us and we will do the work for you.