3 most expensive pizza’s in the world!

Pizza had humble beginnings. Thus, in 1835 the writer Alexander Dumas senior in visiting Naples wrote that the poor Neapolitans on summer ate only watermelon and on winter just pizza.

We are going to show you top three most expensive pizza’s in the world, and trust us – we have no idea how these taste, but we are Hundo P sure that there is a reason for the price they have.

  1.  24K, Industry Kitchen, New York – $ 2,000 Pizza 24K means that the pizza contains 24-carat gold. To be ordered 48 hours in advance, and in gold leaf on it were white stilton cheese, foie gras, caviar and truffles Ossetra. Prepared in the oven heated by wood.landscape-1481914051-industry-kitchen-02
  2. Margo’s, Malta – around  €1800 This pizza must be ordered a week in advance, available in white truffle season (October to May), and the price varies depending on the price of truffles on the market. In addition to truffles, which are delivered directly from the Italian region of Piedmont, the pizza slices are 24-carat gold and organic fresh mozzarella from buffalo milk. In this pizzeria pizza normally costs around 10 euros.
  3. Gourmet pizza, Maze, London – to £ 100 Pizza does not have to pre-order a special care is always available. Price pizza ranges from 60 to 100 pounds, depending on how you want the white truffles. This pizza has a coating of white truffles, cheese fontina and mozzarella, bacon and freshly picked wild mizuna leaves (a kind of mustard originally from Japan).

Out of this competition is pizza Louis XIII, because it can not be ordered in restaurants. But if you are anywhere in Italy, chef Renato Viola will personally come to you with wine sommelier and another chef.71-royal-pizza

The dough is made from organic flour, and rises for 72 hours. The salts are hand-harvested flower of salt from the Australian Murray River. For this pizza there are needed three kinds of caviar, shrimp, lobster and organic mozzarella from buffalo milk. You might want to drink cognac, champagne and brandy meanwhile, people claim that it is awesome. Since it is actually doing a delivery, you get the cutlery, and unique collection. Price is € 8,300.