If you want to lose weight pay attention to these 5 things – these can sabotage!

Do not give up: The first few weeks, the body gets used to eating and exercise so be patient. Well-organized diet will activate the metabolism …

Keep in mind that what you eat can have a greater effect on weight loss on how much you exercise and how you melt pounds on equipment at the gym, warns Chris Ryan, a famous fitness trainer and author of several books about exercise.


In addition, for each exercise, there are several questions you need to answer:

  1.  Do you exercise at least three times per week for half an hour? This is the minimum exercise to remove excess weight, provided that during that half-hour exercise in the rhythm that suits you, but you still feel that you are getting tired and it is not easy.
  2. Can you chat during training? If you talk or sing while you exercise, increase the pace of exercise because you have not yet reached the limit. Okay so exercise if you exercise every day, but three times a week for half an hour you have to’see all the stars’ if you want to lose weight.
  3. Keep always the same routine? The same exercise, always with the same number of repetitions, the boredom might kill you, especially if you are always in the same gym, surrounded by people you already know. Such exercise becomes boring for your body and your muscles too. Over time, you will adapt to the exercise and you will spend a lot less calories than at the beginning.
  4. Is the exercise too stressful for you? The more stress in your life, the body will resort to more that stores excess fat in an awkward spot. If you are busy and you find it hard to somehow extract the hour and a half in the gym, it may be too much stress. We would rather think about it if we were you.
  5.  Do you feel pain from exercise and two days later? Although the muscle pain after exercise is a sign that you exercise well, you should not feel pain more than 48 hours after training. If so, you are exaggerating and your muscles may not be able to recover until the second workout, which can lead to constant fatigue and irritability.