J.Lo & Drake breaking up?! Why?!

They have no time: J.Lo and Drake broke up because they are too busy, connection is broken because both were too tied up with work so they could not see each other.

Two months after they fell in love, Jennifer Lopez (47) and Drake (30) have stopped seeing each other. Friends singer claim that their romance was impossible to save because they are both too tied up with work, which is why they are rarely seen. But Drake apparently does not think so, he plans to save the relationship as soon as he comes back from a European tour in mid-March.


She is a mother whose pace of life is very fast. She just could not do it all – says a source. Latina beauty a few days ago published a photo on Instagram with a quote which is considered to be devoted to the termination.


J.Lo and Drake met at a concert in Las Vegas, but their relationship was allegedly hidden from the public because of the rapper ex-girlfriend Rihanna (27). Rihanna was her colleague and now she stopped to follow her on the social networks as soon as she found out that J. Lo loves her ex-boyfriend.


Such an interesting love story, we hope that Drake finally managed to find the love of his heart, but we also hope that he will manage to save the relationship as he has been planning, J.Lo is worth the trouble, don’t you think?!