Melania Trump will continue the tradition of the White House!

While the world fears the next move of her husband, the new US president Donald Trump, Melania Trump first lady has finally confirmed her moving to the White House and, to appease passions, confirmed that she will continue the tradition of her predecessor Michelle Obama – taking care of the first garden.


‘As a mother and as First Lady, Mrs. Trump is committed to preserving the gardens of the White House, especially those planted its predecessor’ – CNN said her adviser Stephanie Winston Wolkoff. After the museum Marika and Japanese Gardens in Florida spent time with Akie Abe, wife of Japanese Prime Minister, Melania Trump is referred to the importance of gardening in both cultures. ‘The history and culture of our people is deeply woven into the importance of gardening and gardening. It teaches the basics of caring for other living beings and inspires us to cherish our mind while strengthening and relaxing our bodies.’ – Said Mrs. Trump, thus confirming that the gardens Michelle Obama, who is a former first lady planted 2009 as part of their campaign to raise awareness of the problem of obesity among Americans, however, continue to live.


Melania Trump was in the White House and plans to join at the end of the school year, when their son Barron completes lectures, and until then they will travel between New York and Washington in order not to neglect their duties, according to her spokeswoman. Seems like Melania really wants to do her duties properly, we understand that she wants to be supportive to her son, and because of that we wish she continues on doing so. We are looking forward to seeing her plant and work in the garden FR!