New Line of Eco-friendly Denims by Reformation: Every Girl’s Latest Obsession

Eco-friendly is the new mantra in the fashion world these days. And fashion brands world over are fighting it out to convey the message in the best possible way and do their part in protecting the environment.

It’s about time I would say!

We are all busy with our fast-paced lives these days, with hardly any time to spare or look up from our smart phones. Hell, we don’t even seem to have enough time do our daily routines, let alone do something for the environment, right?

Well, it’s high time we put Mother Nature first. As we are moving in to an increasingly digital world, we often conveniently forget the very space on which we live!
The Earth for heaven’s sake!

So let’s join hands and promote eco-friendly clothing as well.
If you think going for eco-friendly would mean compromising on fashion, then we have some great news!

Well known L.A based fashion brand Reformation has launched its first ever line of denims, that too eco-friendly ones. It is probably for the first time that someone has come up with such a great innovation in the area of street style and casual wear. Most importantly, considering the fact that jeans are one of the most evergreen and classic styles of clothing in fashion, it takes some guts to bring in such a thoughtful and useful change.


Usually, denims involve a lot of wastage during their lifetime. On an average, a single pair of jeans may use up to 2800 gallons of water in its entire life cycle.
The new range of jeans produced by Reformation on the other hand uses only about 230 gallons.

Yet it does not compromise in terms of quality or style. The entire range possesses the exact same rigid and sturdy quality that we all expect from high-end denims.
The new line of clothing comprises five pieces mainly – two different silhouettes for jeans, two styles of jackets and a skirt. All of these are vintage inspired and guess what; they do not carry the usual high-end price you’d expect from such high-end jeans.

Do we need any more reason to shop for this line?

I say we head on out and support this brave move towards a relevant and necessary cause, and buy ourselves some eco-friendly denims.

Here are some highlights from the collection for you to choose from: