See “What a Feminist Looks Like” In Prabal Gurung’s Fall Collection at NYFW

Fashion with a cause – that’s what renowned designer Prabal Gurung’s new collection is all about.
And the cause is one that is much debated and discussed everywhere – feminism.

The very word strikes many a chord in terms of arguments. One can actually sit for days at end and debate over the topic. Some would nod, while some would brawl!
Either way, like it or hate it, we can’t ignore it.

Prabal Gurung’s new collection has a slight edge of activism I would say. The pieces from the line showcased at the NYFW runway last Sunday, were a literal as well as an implied call to action towards feminism.
And needless to say, it made them audiences stand up on their feet as it was a refreshingly new concept conveyed through the coveted NYFW platform.


The show began with what seemed like a clear message conveyed on-point – a very apt soundtrack comprising well-known feminist anthems like “You don’t own me” and “Respect”. It accompanied a line of feminine dresses, luxe knits and sharp looking suits adorned by supermodels. There were also some bright colors, and shiny metallics, particularly silver.
The idea that women always have the freedom to choose from a huge variety of options and that a woman can wear anything she wants was clearly conveyed. The right way to celebrate feminism and womanhood I would say.
Even the models did not convey anything different – silhouettes emerged on varying colors and sizes which again stood for equality and inclusivity – both of which we need the most in the industry.

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The highlight of Prabal Gurung’s show was surprisingly not his collection pieces.
Just when we thought the show couldn’t be any more perfect, the lights were dimmed, the beautiful song “Imagine” started playing while all the models re-emerged in simple T-shirts with strong and thought-provoking quotes such as “break down walls”, “I am an immigrant”, Love is the resistance” and “We will not be silenced”.
Finally, the man of the show, Prabal himself came up and took a bow in a T-shirt that read “This is what a feminist looks like”.

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I can’t think of a better way to end a show really. Such a relevant message conveyed in the most fashionable manner. You know what I really admire though?
The fact that it was such a sensitive issue, and how effortlessly (seemingly) and effectively Prabal conveyed it!

Hats off to the awesome designer!

Some highlights…

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