4 Less Known Facts About the Luxury Chocolate Brand Godiva

What better day to discuss chocolates than Valentine’s day!
So how many of you got your favorite chocolates this morning?

According to Forbes, chocolate sales in the U.S is expected to touch $22.4 billion this year, which is an increase from $21.1 billion in the year 2015. Now if that doesn’t say Americans are chocolate lovers I don’t know what will!

It wouldn’t be surprising if we hear a major shoot up in chocolate sales after today, right?

On that note, today we will be discussing some v interesting lesser known facts about the luxury chocolate brand that every single one of you would probably be obsessed about – Godiva!

Do I hear drooling already?

Well if you are a huge fan of Godiva, you might as well know some more about it.

Godiva is a Belgian brand of chocolates that started in the year 1926. It started off as just an atelier in Brussels and it was owned by the Draps family. It now operates with around 600 boutiques in more than 100 countries in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Now here are 4 facts you didn’t know about the brand:

Unique and original recipes

The founder of the brand was Pierre Draps and the brand still uses some of the age old recipes developed by him. Mostly for the pralines that go into the bonbons like Corail. It is mainly a coconut cream filling with rum flavour, layered with hazelnut praline and a nougatine square covered with dark chocolate. Now isn’t that just God sent!

Godiva – the name

godiva-2Source: http://www.shopshorthills.com/directory/godiva_chocolatier

Pierre Draps named his atelier Godiva, when he began the store in 1926, after Lady Godiva of Coventry. History has it that Pierre was inspired by the legend of Lady Godiva as well as her passion, brevity, fearlessness and generosity.

Innovations in new recipes

The chocolatiers at the Godiva factory create on an average about 30 to 40 new innovative recipes every year and about 11 new seasonal recipes as well. They work together to make around 290 million chocolates at Godiva’s Brussels factory alone. Imagine yourself waking up to the thought of being able to work in the midst of delicious highest quality chocolates in Belgium! Too good to be true?

Valentine’s day special strawberries

Source: http://www.godiva.com/best-selling-gifts

Godiva boutiques all over the world dip around 16000 strawberries per hour on Valentine ’s Day every single year. Wow! To think that some delicious strawberries are being readied right now at a Godiva boutique near us!

Now do you think you know your favorite chocolate brand a little better? So go ahead and let people know of your knowledge in chocolates.