Of all the excuses for not going to the gym, lack of time is probably the most popular, and in many cases the most honest. Fatigue after work and other obligations that are waiting at home is often the reason why a gym is not an option because the separation of one hour, and often more if the gym is not around the corner, many seem impossible. However, for those who do not have time there is good news: it is enough to only ten minutes of intense exercise. Because of lack of time in recent years, very popular is a HIIT training, or those consisting of high intensity interval. Behind them there is the idea that it takes only ten minutes of efficient and very intense exercise to stay in shape. This is unquestionably the best solution for anyone who is pressed for time.


However, scientists have a new study which showed that the stairs, half an hour a week and good will are quite sufficient. The research was published in the monthly Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, and it was a test which carried out on 31 women who have spent most of the day sitting. Scientists have them set a different series of interval exercise: all lasted 10 minutes and had to run them three times a week for a period of six weeks.


Then they measured their cardiorespiratory endurance and saw that one of the exercises given impressive results. Intense running the stairs for 20 seconds to two minutes of rest in repetitions of three times improved the endurance of women to 12 percent. If you live on a high floor of a building without an elevator you are ready to exercise for sure, because half an hour a week is really not a lot, but you need only stairs by which you walk on every day we assume. So why not use that? You can be fit for free and keep your precious time for yourself instead!