Chocolate+Fashion= Love?

It’s that time of the year: flowers, hearts, chocolates and messages of love everywhere. Valentine’s Day has finally come. Once again, you want to show her that you love her in an unique way. However, you feel like chocolate and flowers are simply not enough. Well, if you want to give her something truly special, then you can get her: chocolate clothes and accessories. Arm yourself with chocolate candy and read on to find out more.

Last weekend in Belgium, there was a fashion show, that could even top NYFW, at least in taste (literally). At a chocolate fain in Bruxelles, models were featured on a catwalk wearing various outfits, all of which had elements made out of, you guessed it: chocolate!  Among these decorations we could spot chocolate leafs, balls and even hats made entirely out of chocolate.


The fashion show was presented under the theme ” Back to the  Future “. It included the works of about 80 chocolatiers who showcased their talent, presenting their best works of chocolate at the fair, which can be also seen in different cities around the word, under different versions.

Not only were the visitors lucky to see the fashion show and admire these incredible works of art, but they were also treated to tastings, could participate in various pastry workshops and take part in cooking demonstrations. If you were to ask me, it is a real chocoholic’s dream come true.


If you are still uncertain of how to tell her ” I love you “, then you might just consider buying her a pair of chocolate earrings. You still, of course have the option to go classic, but if you want to go for chocolate pralines or truffles, choose Belgian, as they do know their way around it like nobody else.