They nearly fell out, really?! Lady Gaga’s breasts were held by the luck!

Lady Gaga’s breasts were held by luck only a week after the enchanted world of 13-minute performance during the Super Bowl half, Lady Gaga had the energetic performance by the legendary Metallica singer at the red carpet at the Grammy Awards – she walked with heavy metal giants of the famous Metallica, woah!


Lady Gaga (30) for the occasion wore extremely ‘risky’ clothes. With fishnet stockings and high platform boots, the singer wore a short leather shorts, decorated with chains. The upper part Gaga’s outfit attracted undoubtedly the most attention. The singer wore a top with an unusual neckline that made her naked breasts seen that are ‘standing in the place of’ just sheer luck. But apart from risky clothes, Lady Gaga evening spiced and spectacular performance with Metallica, and they performed their song ‘Moth Into The Flame’.

59th GRAMMY Awards -  Show

Energetic performance could have been ruined by technical difficulties. The singer James Hetfield (53) had big issues with the microphone, which is why he had to ‘share’ the microphone with Lady Gaga. The singer made sure to give memorable performance and finally jumped into the audience.


What a show huh? Lady Gaga does not seem to plan to stop with these ‘extreme’ performances which leave people and us breathless! We cannot wait to see her next step, but we truly hope she will pick more of a ‘safer’ look next time.