New product which might help out to the ladies worldwide! – First Smart Hair Brush – Kérastase Hair Coach

If you thought that you brush your hair perfectly, this brush could actually disagree with you.

Presented hairbrush is the first smart hairbrush as a result of the cooperation of the brand L’Oreal and the French electronics company Withings.


Kérastase Hair Coach, how is officially called, uses sensors by which it counts how many times you have passed a brush through your hair, how much time did you spend on untangling, determines whether your hair is wet or dry, and analyzes whether the moves are too aggressive – all in order to take better care of your hair. Isn’t that amazing?! ‘According to a report published by L’Oreal scientists, too much combing can cause hair damage, including breakage and split ends’ – said the people from L’Oreal on the evening of the launch of a revolutionary product in the beauty world.

Kérastase Hair Coach will reduce this risk thanks to sensors that you supply information about the quality of the hair and combing. After a smart brush records all the important information about your hair, the data will be sent via the mobile application where you can check your total score quality of hair.


You will finally learn how to effectively comb and get a personalized advice. Also, this hair brush will recommend some products, and these are, of course, Kérastase products. The device takes into account the weather and humidity, and gives you an insight into the dry, cracked ends and hair breakage to give you the best possible care.

For the first smart hair brush you will need to set aside about $ 200, it is simply ideal for those who want to find out what all are doing wrong with your hair!