Selena Gomez’s Fitness Secrets Revealed

Selena Gomez has been a star, a teen icon and a role model for many a young woman ever since she started her acting career through the Disney Channel. From her cutest role of Gianna in Barney and Friends to her latest hit music videos like “Hands to myself” and “Same old love”, she has come a long way transforming into an absolutely stunning ambitious young woman.
I mean girls all over the world now be like #Careergoals, #Relationshipgoals, #Beautygoals, #Fitnessgoals and what not with Selena Gomez.
I must admit myself; I’m low key jealous of her too. Just a tad I swear.

But let’s take a moment to think about how it must be for Selena though, to always be under the limelight and to always be under the scrutiny of the shutterbugs. It most definitely isn’t that easy.
Yet she manages to look flawless and beautiful every single time, and she seems to have it all together in her career, her beauty and her fitness.

Speaking of fitness, how many of you are obsessing over Selena’s killer body and wishing you could be like her for at least a day while binge eating your 20th pack of chips?

Well, not to worry because here are some of Selena Gomez’s fitness secrets that help her maintain her health, fitness and beauty on point at all times.

Her long-time trainer is fitness expert Amy Rosoff Davis and Selena takes Amy Rosoff with her on all her tours so that she always looks and feels her best.


Selena listens to her body

While Selena is working out, she and her trainer both listen to what her body is telling her. And according to her everyone should listen to their bodies while working out. Sometimes they do some yoga and some stretching and call it a day and other times they hit it hard. Just like life, working out needs to be balanced as well.

Mixing up work out routines


Maintaining the same old workout routine for months is one of the biggest factors that lead most people to quit the gym and become a potato again. It is pretty obvious as people get used to the same routine and get bored with it eventually.
Selena and her trainer keep it fresh and fun by doing something different every day. They do Pilates, hiking, dance cardio, yoga etc. and make it a point to do stretches every single day.

No weighing

According to Selena and her trainer, weighing yourself can breed unnecessary obsessive thoughts and behaviours. Instead of relying on weight numbers, you need to focus on eating healthy and working out, and your body will do the rest.

Music that you love

Selena Gomez makes it a point to listen to her favorite music while working out which include “Cheap Thrills” by Sia, “Don’t let me down” by The Chainsmokers and “This is what you came for” by Calvin Harris.


Now we know how she always seems to look picture perfect every single day. So go ahead and start acting on your fitness goals with these pointers in mind.